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Dealing with mental illness Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Medical conditions
You’re concerned about the mental health of an employee working in a safety-critical role. How can you identify if there really is a problem and how should you deal with it, so as to reduce your potential liability?
Inspecting your warehouse Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Local authority
Apart from offices, your premises include a small warehouse. At short notice you’re about to have your first ever safety inspection by your local council and you need to know the most important things to get right. What are they?
The cost of ignoring complaints Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Workplace » Case law
With limited resources at your disposal, it’s easy to ignore what you may regard to be fairly minor complaints, e.g. problems with doors. However, some case law shows that this could be costly in terms of safety. What do you need to know?
A gritty issue Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database
During the recent heavy snow, an employee slipped and broke an ankle. What are the key liability issues and how can you protect yourself next winter?
Setting out your position Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Risk assessment
If you have problems in getting to grips with some of the requirements of the regulations on display screen equipment, you’re by no means alone. So why not use our policy to help you interpret them to your best advantage?
Reassuring your staff Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Occupational health » Medical checks
Our subscriber has been asked by employees about how they store and process health records. Following the introduction of a new Code of Practice, how can they ensure that their practices are watertight?
Risks of home visits Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » H&S management » Risk assessment
Your staff regularly visit customers in their homes. After a recent employee complaint about verbal abuse, you’ve decided to carry out a risk assessment. Which areas should it concentrate on?
Egg-aggerating her injuries Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Personal injury
Egg-aggerating her injuries.. Work social events. In year 3, issue 12, we advised you of the precautions to take when organising work sports and social events. This was to help ensure that your event isn’t marred by a try-it-on claim. However, it seems that no type of activity is immune from an employee looking to make some easy money. Slipped on...
Delivery drivers must belt up Publication date: 28.03.2005
Article database » Transport » Drivers
Delivery drivers must belt up.. New seatbelt rules. From March 1, it became a legal requirement for delivery drivers and their passengers to wear seatbelts for all but the shortest of single journeys under 50 metres. This is by virtue of the Motor Vehicles (Wearing of Seat Belts) (Regulations) 2005 . Before this date, both the driver and passenger of...

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