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Clear information Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Accident management/reporting » Reporting
In the event of a serious workplace accident you will need to call the emergency services as quickly as possible. What information will they require and how should you prepare for their arrival?
Given the boot Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Protective footwear
Having carried out a risk assessment, you’ve identified that staff should be wearing protective footwear in an area of your business. How do you choose it, and then contend with those who refuse to wear it?
Keeping your drivers legal Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Policies & Records » Policy
As you may be aware, the police are taking a greater interest in road traffic accidents which are work-related. In order to protect yourself, why not use our Driving at Work Policy to make your drivers aware of the standards you expect?
Through the roof Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Contracting » Management
Like many businesses, you may occasionally need to use a maintenance contractor. Whilst you may be tempted to let them get on with it, case law suggests this approach isn’t wise. What should you be doing?
Mercury rising Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Working with chemicals » Exposure
Mercury rising.. A recent example of health and safety gone mad was seen when a member of the public phoned the emergency services after breaking a thermometer containing a mercury bulb. The madness wasn’t that she called the emergency services; it was that they responded with a full hazardous spillage response unit and removed her entire kitchen...
Microwave oven testing Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Maintenance
Microwave oven testing.. Q. We have a microwave oven in our staff canteen area that’s in almost constant use. A member of staff has told us that it needs to be checked regularly. Are they right and what checks need to be carried out? A . The two main risks associated with a microwave are food hygiene standards and electrical safety. A common misconception...
Falling short Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Working at height » Risk assessment
You’ve heard a rumour that working at heights of less than one metre is going to come under HSE scrutiny. Surely this cannot be true, but if it is, what are the chances of falling foul of the enforcers?
Avoiding catering problems Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Environmental health » Food hygiene
When the need for in-house catering arises you call on the services of a local lady. Do you need to check that she has adequate insurance and basic food hygiene certificates?
Stress awareness with a difference Publication date: 24.10.2005
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Campaigns
November 2 is National Stress Awareness Day. Is this just another HSE campaign to turn your employees against you, or could it be to your advantage?

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