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Bleached out Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
You’ve been using bleach to clean your work surfaces for years. Someone has now told you it’s not used in some schools any more due to possible risks to children. Is there a real risk and if so, what alternatives are there?
New food legislation Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Environmental health » Food hygiene
You have a small staff canteen with a part-time catering person employed. You’ve heard about new food legislation and are concerned that they aren’t prepared. Do the new laws apply, and if so, what should be your response?
A health and safety check up Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » H&S management » Audit/review
You completed risk assessments for all of your operational activities but they’ve not been reviewed. What are your legal requirements to do so and will it be necessary to employ a consultant, or can it be completed in-house?
Keeping your office staff productive Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Occupational health » Ill-health
Even though offices are seen as low-risk, staff may still experience occupational health problems which can adversely affect their productivity. So why not use our checklist to help you manage the most common problems?
It’s only a quick job Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Working at height » Risk assessment
“It’ll only take five minutes, just put a plank of wood there, that’ll be all right”. This is a familiar scenario but as a recent HSE prosecution has identified, not an option likely to find favour. So what should you be doing?
Q&A - Anti-vibration gloves Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Occupational health » Vibration
Q&A - Anti-vibration gloves.. Q. One of my employees has asked for anti-vibration gloves, but the price is putting me off. Are they actually worth the money? A. The simple answer is no. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) commissioned a study through the Health and Safety Laboratory in 1995 on the testing of these gloves. Following this, the HSE...
Q&A- Roller shutter doors Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Procedures
Q&A- Roller shutter doors.. Q. We have a roller shutter door that is used for access to and from our workshop. We had an incident with the door, which required us to call out an engineer. During his visit he commented that the electric opening/closing switch we use is illegal because we shouldn’t be able to engage the switch and just walk away....
A different perspective? Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
Figures published by the HSE show that the number of prosecutions has dropped. What does this mean for you?
Fire certificates are no longer necessary Publication date: 30.01.2006
Article database » Fire safety » Fire certificates
A fire safety officer used to visit your premises annually to check all your procedures and the fire certificate. So why does he no longer visit? What’s changed and why?

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