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Ladders are in the news again Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Working at height » Ladders
According to a national newspaper you can’t use a ladder to change a light bulb. Is there any truth in this report and if so, how might it affect you?
A “hard drive” to distraction Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Noise » Risk assessment
Noise is in the news, you’ve dealt with the major issues but now you’ve heard that office background noise could also be a problem. Is this really a health and safety issue, and if so, what steps can you take to manage it?
Fire training Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Fire safety » Training
Fire training.. We’ve heard that fire brigades around the country are organising free training sessions for businesses, so that they can be prepared for the changes to fire legislation. Even though the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order has been delayed from April to October, the training will help you get prepared before the law changes. Tip....
Q&A - short-term secondment Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Risk assessment
Q&A - short-term secondment.. Q. We have a number of staff from another office who will be working on our premises for a couple of months. We have asked them what IT equipment they’ll need but they’ve said they’re OK, as they’ll be bringing their own laptop. Do we have to carry out display screen assessments for them and if so, what are...
Sold as seen Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Purchasing/selection
You’ve been looking for a new piece of equipment for your workshop and are thinking about buying second-hand. Who is responsible for making sure it’s safe to use? If it needs modifications can you get the supplier to make them?
Mobile phone masts Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database
You have a mobile phone radio frequency mast on your roof. You need to do some maintenance near it and are concerned about any potential health and safety issues. What are they, and what precautions are necessary?
Going batty Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Workplace » COSHH
You’ve been working in a loft space where bats have been roosting. You’ve been told that bats can be dangerous to your health. Are they, and if so how can you protect yourself from the risks of working near them?
Laugh, I nearly died Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Working with chemicals » COSHH
A mechanic has just been jailed for a practical joke which went horribly wrong. The prank showed that the individual was completely unaware of the risks associated with a chemical. How can you prevent a similar incident in your workplace?
Fall-arrest systems Publication date: 13.03.2006
Article database » Personal protective equipment (PPE) » Harnesses
A risk assessment has identified the need for fall-arrest equipment for your staff that work at height. You’ve been told that they need to be checked for signs of damage and wear. How often does this need to be done and who should do it?

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