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Don’t sit still Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Display screen equipment (DSE) » Chair
According to a recent survey, poor posture and sitting for prolonged periods can cause serious back problems. How should you minimise the risks?
Does a portable generator need a PAT test? Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Portable appliance test
One of our subscribers contacted us when a colleague informed them that they should be PAT testing their portable generators. Our subscriber didn’t think this was necessary, but to check they asked us. Are PAT or other tests required?
Keeping it under cover Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Occupational health » Smoking
Your hardened smokers have been harassing you to put up a smoking shelter. Given the workplace smoking ban which takes effect in July, what’s the legal position?
Ignore notices at your cost Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Notice
A number of businesses have found out how expensive it is to ignore Improvement Notices issued by the HSE. How can you avoid a similar experience and stay out of trouble?
So will CDM be stopped? Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Construction » CDM 07
So will CDM be stopped?.. Hold up. You may have seen in the press that David Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, did his best to get the new Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007 (see The next step ). annulled before they became law. He failed - they came into force as planned on April 6, 2007. However, it is almost certain that the...
A bit of greenery does you good Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Office » Miscellaneous
A colleague has suggested you could cut the sickness absence rate and improve the air quality in your office, simply by introducing lots of specialist plants. If this is really the case, what are your options?
Poor housekeeping proved expensive Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Workplace » Housekeeping
Poor housekeeping proved expensive.. It’s not just unsightly. Waste such as cardboard boxes, paper etc. might not appear to be a major hazard, but a recent fire at a supermarket in the West Country proves otherwise. In fact, a roll of cardboard which hadn’t been tidied away, ended up costing Morrisons (at the time it was Safeway) upwards of £8.5million...
A growing problem Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » H&S management » Special provisions
A member of staff has been piling on the pounds to the extent that you’re worried that their weight is becoming a potential health and safety issue. Are your concerns justified, and how should you deal with the situation?
Formal work equipment assessment Publication date: 21.05.2007
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Risk assessment
To comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) you have a duty to assess some work equipment to ensure it’s fit for purpose and safe. So why not use our checklist to complete your assessment?

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