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Low-risk businesses are being inspected Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Enforcement
When the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came in, the Fire and Rescue Service indicated that they would be focusing on high-risk businesses only. Now, over a year on, their net is being cast wider. Who could be in line for a visit?
Do you have to let an inspector in? Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Enforcement authorities » Inspection
You’ve been hearing conflicting theories about what you should do if an inspector turns up unannounced at your premises. Do you have to let them in, or can you say, “Not today, thank you”?
“Back” to work Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Manual handling » Backs
According to recent research, those suffering with lower back pain should continue to work and stay active. What are the findings and how can you avoid any potential problems?
Don’t ignore the survey Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Working with chemicals » Asbestos
Asbestos is in the news again following the prosecution of the parent company of the high street retailer Blacks. What happened, why did the case end up in court and what should you be doing to avoid a similar experience?
They’re not all the same Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Risk assessment » Risk assessment
A colleague is convinced that there’s a standard way of presenting risk assessments. However, you thought otherwise. Is there a standard way of doing it or can your assessments be in a format to suit your business?
Is a crane right for the job? Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Safe use of machinery » Lifting operations
You’ve made a New Year resolution to clear your site of rubbish and junk. As there are so many large and heavy objects, you’ve decided to hire a small mobile crane to lift them into skips. Is this a wise idea?
Are you in a radon affected area? Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Workplace » COSHH
The Health Protection Agency, in conjunction with the British Geological Survey have produced a map which identifies which postcodes may be affected by radon. What is it, and what, if anything, do you need to do to reduce any risks?
Q&A - noise damping headphones Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Noise » Sound
Q&A - noise damping headphones.. Q. One of our staff members has come back to work after the Christmas break with a new pair of headphones. He says they are so good at blocking out background noise that he should wear them (attached to his iPod) instead of the hearing protection we supply. Should we allow it? A. In theory it sounds OK, but it isn’t....
Have you checked your vehicles? Publication date: 14.01.2008
Article database » Transport » Driving
Have you checked your vehicles?.. Unsafe vehicles and tyres. Statistics compiled by police officers for the Department for Transport (DfT), show that around 3,000 injury-related crashes take place each year due to vehicle defects (though not all of these are caused whilst drivers are driving for their work). Of these accidents, roughly 1,100 (37%) happen...

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