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“You have to refer me to occupational health...” Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Manual handling » Backs
An employee who’s been suffering with back pain, has said that an Occupational Health Practitioner must see him before he can return to work. He says that it’s a legal requirement for him to be seen. If it is, how should you deal with this?
Bad, poor and good safety advice - the HSE perspective Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Enforcement authorities » HSE
The HSE has published what it considers to be bad, poor and good examples of advice from health and safety consultants. What’s been flagged up and what can happen if you employ a third-party advisor that isn’t really up to the job?
No clear escape routes Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Fire safety » Emergency arrangements
Recently, a number of businesses have been prosecuted under fire safety laws for failing to ensure they have adequate escape routes and clear signage. What should you be doing to ensure that everyone could escape in an emergency?
Form F10 (Rev) - what’s it used for? Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Construction » CDM 07
Since the Construction, Design and Management Regulations were revised in 2007, there has been much confusion as to how the HSE should be notified of construction projects. To make it simpler, why not use our guide and form?
Employee wellbeing Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Occupational health » OHP
You’ve heard that some companies are running employee wellbeing schemes to help their staff stay fit and healthy. What’s involved, is it a legal requirement and is it something that you should consider for your business?
Q&A - competent first aid training Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Accident management/reporting » First aid
Q&A - competent first aid training.. Q. We’ve decided to train a few of our staff in basic first aid. However, when we looked for a trainer, there seemed to be many options, and we couldn’t tell whether the training providers were qualified for the job. How can we ensure that our staff receive the right training? A. Many companies offer first...
Not safe for the road Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » Insurance » Miscellaneous
A recent survey has identified that many private vehicles used for work purposes aren’t fit for the road. How might this affect you?
Not one or two but three, and the manager! Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database » H&S management » Special provisions
Following the death of an apprentice scaffolder, three companies and a manager found themselves on the wrong side of the law. What happened and what lessons can be learned?
Changes to noise legislation Publication date: 26.03.2008
Article database
Changes to noise legislation.. What’s new? On April 6 2008 the second phase of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (NAWR) comes into force. What’s new? Nothing actually; the Regulations remain as they were when they were brought in. What’s changing is the fact that the Regulations now apply to all businesses. Until April 6 2008, the...

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