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Practical tools and calculators to help you to manage health and safety risks effectively.

Available Tools and Calculators

  • Date of publication: 26.08.2010

    Repetitive task assessment tool

    Carrying out light repetitive tasks such as assembly, packing, processing etc. can cause injury to the upper limbs, neck and back. It’s therefore important, and a legal requirement, to assess and control the risk. Our easy to use Repetitive Task Assessment Tool will help you to quantify the risks of each aspect of the job and prioritise the improvements required.

  • Date of publication: 15.07.2010

    First aid needs assessment tool

    You know that a number of first aid trained staff have to be on site. But how many and to what level? Use our tool to assess your first aid needs as required by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. Just input some basic information and all the work will be done for you.

  • Date of publication: 17.06.2010

    Personal noise assessment tool

    Use our calculator to assess whether or not, the hearing protection you've supplied, provides sufficient attenuation (protection) against the noise levels identified on your noise assessment.  

  • Date of publication: 20.05.2010

    Manual lifting and carrying assessment tool

    When it comes to assessing manual handling activities it's helpful to quantify the risks involved and to identify where further attention may be required. To enable you to do this in a formal manner, we've developed a Manual Lifting and Carrying Assessment tool. It's based on the HSE's Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC), but it's much simpler to use and provides more detailed guidance on what you may need to do. By answering a few simple questions, e.g. the weight of the items to be moved, the tool will assess the risk level.

Last updated: 22.09.2020

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