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The Code and SOSR dismissals Publication date: 22.09.2016
Article database » Dismissal » Dismissal procedures
If there’s an irretrievable breakdown in a working relationship, it’s possible to dismiss an employee for some other substantial reason (SOSR). But does the Acas Code apply to these dismissals?
Code of Practice to be amended Publication date: 29.11.2013
Article database » ACAS Code of Practice » Disciplinary procedures
Acas has confirmed that it will amend its Code of Practice on Discipline and Grievance Procedures because part of it is wrong. What do you need to know?
Appealing redundancy decisions Publication date: 04.01.2010
Article database » Redundancy » Redundancy
When dismissing an employee for misconduct you know that you must follow a fair procedure and give them a right of appeal. But what if it comes about via a redundancy situation? Should they be given the same opportunity?

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