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Childcare voucher scheme still open Publication date: 12.04.2018
Article database » Work and parents » Childcare
Childcare voucher scheme still open..Two choices. In May 2017 we reported on the new Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) regime ( yr.19, iss.20, pg.3 , see The next step ). Since its introduction, TFC has run alongside the childcare voucher scheme which has been around for over 20 years. Under the voucher scheme, an employee can sacrifice salary in return for...
Only 5% of new fathers take SPL Publication date: 13.01.2017
Article database » Work and parents » Family friendly rights
Only 5% of new fathers take SPL..Low SPL take-up. Shared parental leave (SPL) was introduced in April 2015. It allows parents to share up to 50 weeks’ statutory leave and 37 weeks’ statutory pay in the first year of their child’s life - providing the mother has curtailed her statutory right to maternity leave and pay. Whilst the government said...
What rights do breastfeeding employees have? Publication date: 16.11.2016
Article database » Maternity » Maternity
An employee who is returning from maternity leave says that you are legally required to provide an appropriate area where she can express milk. Is this correct and if not, what is she entitled to exactly?
£30,000 for father denied full pay during SPL Publication date: 20.10.2016
Article database » Work and parents » Maternity rights
The tribunal has awarded a male employee nearly £30,000 because he was only paid the statutory rate of pay during his period of shared parental leave (SPL). Should you be worried by this case?
Q&A - paternity leave before the birth? Publication date: 30.08.2016
Article database » Work and parents » Paternity rights
Q&A - paternity leave before the birth?..Q. One of our employees is due to become a father and has asked us whether his two weeks’ statutory paternity leave, for which he is eligible, can commence just before the baby is born. Is this possible? A. No. Whilst statutory paternity leave can start on any day of the week on or following the child’s...
Children at work during the school holidays Publication date: 28.06.2016
Article database » Work and parents » Domestic emergencies
An employee has asked if they can bring their child into work for a few days during the school holidays - they’re struggling with childcare and promise that “the little one won’t be any trouble”. Should you say “yes” to help them out?
£2,000 for asking about childcare arrangements Publication date: 16.06.2016
Article database » Discrimination » Sex discrimination
A woman has been awarded £2,000 after she was asked about her childcare arrangements during an interview. However, all of the other candidates were women - so why was she able to claim that she’d suffered discrimination?
shared parental leave: up by 30%? Publication date: 22.04.2016
Article database » Work and parents » Family friendly rights
shared parental leave: up by 30%?..Happy 1st birthday. Shared parental leave (SPL) has been in place for one year but research shows that less than 1% of fathers have availed themselves of it. There are many reasons for the low take-up, including financial concerns, worries over the effect on career/promotion prospects and a preference for the mother...
Parental leave - but they don’t live with the child! Publication date: 09.11.2015
Article database » Work and parents » Parental leave
A male employee has made an application for two weeks’ ordinary parental leave (OPL). However, you recall him saying that he doesn’t live in the same household as his child. On that basis does he qualify for OPL?
Where is the new tax-free childcare scheme? Publication date: 22.10.2015
Article database » Work and parents » Childcare
A new government-backed tax-free childcare scheme was set to go live in autumn 2015 but so far it hasn’t materialised. What’s happened and is this new scheme still going ahead or not?

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