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Can’t face early conciliation: no excuses Publication date: 18.06.2015
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When an employee ignored early conciliation because she “couldn’t talk to an employer who had treated her so badly”, the Employment Appeal Tribunal listened sympathetically. But what did it say about her decision?
Early conciliation is good for you! Publication date: 06.03.2014
Article database » Employment tribunals » Tribunals
On 6 April 2014 Acas will launch its free early conciliation service. Why is this latest offering such good news for employers?
Early conciliation by Acas: it’s official Publication date: 19.11.2013
Article database » Employment tribunals » Tribunal procedure
Early conciliation by Acas: it’s official.. Statutory conciliation. It’s been confirmed that, from April 2014, anyone who wants to issue a claim at the tribunal will have to first notify Acas. It will then be legally required to try to resolve the complaint and a claim will only be allowed to proceed if a resolution isn’t possible. If an employee...

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