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Are appraisals a “complete waste of time”? Publication date: 06.12.2012
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In a recent poll of 1,000 employees, 37% of respondents classified workplace appraisals as a “complete waste of time”. You know as well as we do that staff are renowned for moaning, but could they be right on this one?
Are your appraisals effective? Publication date: 05.10.2006
Article database » Pay and conditions » Appraisals
Are your appraisals effective?.. Appraisal time. Many employers operate a formal appraisal system aimed at providing an annual (or six-monthly) review of how the employee is performing and to set future objectives. New research. According to research carried out by the recruiters Crone Corkhill and FSS, many employees don’t rate appraisals as being...

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