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Can you prevent or defer an employee’s jury service? Publication date: 11.01.2012
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One of your key employees has just informed you that they’ve been called up for jury service. This event is going to cause you and them serious difficulties. Is there any way they could defer or even avoid it altogether?
Q&A - are they (un)paid during jury service? Publication date: 07.10.2011
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Q&A - are they (un)paid during jury service?.. Q. One of our employees has been called up for jury service. We know that we can’t refuse them time off, regardless of how long it will take, but must we pay them throughout their period of absence? A. Although jury service is a social duty - in other words, individuals who are called up can’t refuse...
Jury service - what’s what? Publication date: 10.03.2005
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Jury service - what’s what?.. No way out. In April last year new rules took effect which limit the grounds for excusal from jury service. Now, it’s really quite difficult to get out of it. If there are reasonable grounds for postponement (e.g. a pre-booked holiday) then you’ll be asked to defer to another date within the next twelve months. How...

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