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ACAS: be aware of imitations! Publication date: 26.06.2013
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ACAS: be aware of imitations!.. The real deal. ACAS is warning that it’s aware of a number of organisations which have recently contacted employers on the premise that they are either part of ACAS or are acting on its behalf. They typically offer free initial advice on a range of workplace subjects but then ask people to sign up to a long-term - and...
Train to gain - update Publication date: 02.11.2006
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Train to gain - update.. In year 8, issue 16 we featured the “Train to gain scheme”. Since then it’s been brought to our attention that the following points weren’t made sufficiently clear; (1) “Train to gain” isn’t a scheme but is a service; (2) its purpose is not to allow small businesses to recoup the costs of staff training - that’s...

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