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How to deal with a collective grievance Publication date: 26.10.2020
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Several of your employees have got together and submitted a written grievance. Must you meet with each employee individually to discuss their concerns and does the Acas Code of Practice (the Code) apply to collective grievances?
How to document a grievance meeting Publication date: 12.09.2017
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Whenever an employee raises a grievance, you must arrange a meeting to discuss their complaint. How should the grievance meeting be documented and what else should you always do?
Q&A - grievances and workplace companions Publication date: 18.05.2011
Article database » Grievances » Grievance procedures
Q&A - grievances and workplace companions.. Q. One of our employees has raised a grievance. Do they have the right to be accompanied during a meeting where it will be discussed? A. All employees have the statutory right to be accompanied at a formal grievance meeting by either a workplace colleague or trade union representative. So when going down...

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