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Q&A - how is a PILON calculated? Publication date: 26.10.2020
Article database » Termination of employment » Notice of
Q&A - how is a PILON calculated?..Q. How should a payment in lieu of notice (PILON) be calculated? A. A PILON is made to an employee when their employment is terminated without notice. This could occur for various reasons, e.g. because the employee is summarily dismissed for gross misconduct or made redundant. These types of payment should be calculated...
When does a notice of termination take effect? Publication date: 18.05.2018
Article database » Termination of employment » Notice of
The Supreme Court has considered whether a notice of termination sent by post takes effect when it’s delivered or when it’s read by the employee. What did it decide and how can you protect yourself?
Q&A - when does the notice period start? Publication date: 25.08.2017
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Q&A - when does the notice period start?..Q. An employee has given us a week’s notice as required by their employment contract. When does the notice period start to run exactly? A. Unless the employment contract states when the notice period will commence, or the parties reach an agreement, the law says that the notice period will “start to...

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