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Can an employee withdraw their resignation? Publication date: 04.12.2020
Article database » Resignations » Change of mind
An employee resigned amicably a few days ago. They’ve now said that they are withdrawing their resignation and will be staying on in your employment. Does an employee have the legal right to retract their resignation?
Resignation: take three days to think about it Publication date: 10.05.2019
Article database » Resignations » Change of mind
A key employee has just handed you their written resignation. Legally, you can’t refuse to accept it, but you would certainly like them to reconsider their position. How can you play it safe whilst buying yourself some time?
Can you rely on a note that says “I quit”? Publication date: 15.12.2017
Article database » Resignations » Change of mind
Heat of the moment resignations are usually made verbally. But what’s the legal situation if an angry employee scribbles a note on a piece of paper and walks out of the building? Can you hold them to it?

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