Article Database - Tips & Advice Personnel: Year 21, issue 22

Accused was unfairly dismissed Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Dismissal » Unfair dismissal
An employee who was dismissed after the police charged him with possessing indecent images has won his claim for unfair dismissal. What mustn’t you do when an employee is facing criminal charges?
Employer sued employee who fell for £200,000 scam Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Court claims » Civil claims and appeals
An employer that lost almost £200,000 to a fraud has taken the employee who fell for it to court. However, although it had sympathy, the court ruled the employee didn’t have to reimburse the employer. Why was this?
Former employee left personal belongings behind Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Personnel management » Employee belongings
You’ve recently discovered some personal property which belonged to a former employee. Must you try to return it to them or can you dispose of any items without telling them?
No National Insurance number - now what? Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Tax/NI » NI numbers
A new hire who is due to start working for you has informed you that they don’t have a National Insurance (NI) number. What should you do and does this mean you must move their start date?
What is victimisation? Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Discrimination » Victimisation
Many employees allege that they’ve been subject to “victimisation” by their employers when they lodge claims at the tribunal. What is victimisation and when does the right to bring this type of claim arise?
Safe to send reference requests by e-mail? Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Recruitment » References
You’ve made an offer of employment and wish to take up references. Your chosen candidate has given you e-mail addresses for both of their referees. Why should you ask for their postal addresses instead?
Employer tells staff to stop “pooing on the floor” Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Disciplinary matters » Written warnings
... Officer (COO) of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which polices the UK’s financial sector, had sent an open letter to all employees highlighting various incidents of bad behaviour. The letter claimed that a minority of unidentified FCA employees had been: defecating on the floor in toilet cubicles leaving alcohol bottles in sanitary bins...
Q&A - nursery and school closures Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Time off » Time off work
Q&A - nursery and school closures..Q. If inclement weather causes a nursery or a school to close unexpectedly meaning that an employee needs to leave early to collect their child, can we insist they take the required time off as annual leave? A. Yes, you can, but there are some potential problems here. The first is that your employee might not have...
Opposite-sex civil partnerships and employers Publication date: 29.11.2019
Article database » Discrimination » Sexual orientation
Opposite-sex civil partnerships and employers..New civil partnership law. On 2 December 2019 the Civil Partnership (Opposite-sex Couples) Regulations 2019 came into force. They enable opposite-sex couples to form civil partnerships in England and Wales. Previously, only same-sex couples could form them. For employers, this change will have an effect...

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