Article Database - Tips & Advice Personnel: Year 22, issue 21

OK to ask about EU Settlement Scheme applications? Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Recruitment » Right to work
EU nationals who wish to continue living and working in the UK after 31 December 2020 must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. Can you ask your employees who fall into this category whether or not they’ve applied?
Casual work for redundant staff? Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Redundancy » Redundancy
Employees who are selected for redundancy must be offered any suitable alternative employment that’s available in your business. Does this include casual work which you have too?
Two-hour lunch break to boost productivity? Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Personnel management » Staff motivation
It’s been suggested that employers could boost their homeworkers’ productivity by allowing them to arrange their working day with a two-hour break at lunchtime. Is this really a good idea?
ICO’s new guidance on criminal offence data Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Data protection » GDPR
In November 2020 the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) released new guidance on the processing of criminal offence data. Does it apply where an employee is only suspected of committing a criminal offence?
Can an employee demand who hears a grievance? Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Grievances » Grievances
You’ve received a formal grievance from one of your employees. At the end of their written complaint, they’ve stated that they want the matter heard by a certain individual. Do they have the right to make this demand?
Contributing to a homeworker’s winter heating costs Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Flexible working » Homeworking
An employee working from home has asked for a financial contribution towards their winter heating bills because they will be higher this year. Are you obliged to contribute towards a homeworker’s household running costs?
Fairly dismissed over 25 unaccounted for hours Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Dismissal » Unfair dismissal
An employee who was sacked because he couldn’t account for 25 of his working hours over a three-week period has lost his claim for unfair dismissal. Why did the tribunal rule in the employer’s favour?
Q&A - fixed term to permanent? Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Contracts » Fixed-term contracts
Q&A - fixed term to permanent?..Q. We are considering making a fixed-term job role a permanent position. Must we automatically offer the existing fixed-term post holder the permanent position? A. Where a fixed-term job role becomes permanent, there’s no obligation to automatically offer it to the current post holder. However, you must inform the...
Job Retention Bonus scrapped Publication date: 19.11.2020
Article database » Personnel management » Personnel management
Job Retention Bonus scrapped..Withdrawn. In August 2020 the government announced a Job Retention Bonus (JRB) scheme and indicated this would be made available to employers in February 2021. Under the JRB scheme, you would have been able to claim a one-off bonus payment of £1,000 for each eligible furloughed employee still in your employment...

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