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What is it?

Online product with all the tools, advice, information and documents needed to help you stay one step ahead of the Taxman. It contains information, advice, tools and calculators to save tax and keep abreast of tax changes.

Who's it for?

For everyone who wants to pay less tax: directors, business managers and owners, financial managers, tax advisors, accountants.


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The content

Article Database

  • All articles from the Tips & Advice Tax newsletter online, ensuring quick and easy access
  • Search for an article using three quick and easy methods: by topic, by keyword and by date
  • Related articles/documents: we provide a handy link to relevant articles/documents - that way you get to see the full picture

My Library

  • Create your own online library which you populate with the articles you find most interesting

Tools and Calculators

  • Simple-to-use calculators that show how to save tax in a wide range of situations - everything from company cars to investment properties is covered

Essential Tax Documents

  • Extensive directory of 140+ ready-to-use and regularly updated letters, policies and checklists accompanied by a useful commentary which describes how and when to use them

Tax Dodge of the Month

  • Five special tax dodges every month; you won't find them anywhere else

Special Reports

  • Our Special Reports covering all the latest issues to do with tax and the Taxman

Key Tax Data

  • All the latest data to help you save tax

Dedicated Searcher

  • Everybody googles for information. But how much of it can you really trust, especially when it comes to your business affairs? On our online product you’ll find a tailor-made search engine that only looks in a carefully selected list of websites (chosen by our editors). That way you can search the Internet for extra information and advice without having to worry about the reliability of what you find

E-mail services

  • 'Newsletter by e-mail', the digital version of our newsletter Tips & Advice Tax delivered direct to your e-mailbox every fortnight, two days earlier than by Royal Mail
  • 'Update Service by e-mail', e-mail containing information about, and direct access to, all the updated and recently added Tax documents, Tools and Calculators and other resources and tools to help you save tax
  • 'New Tax Legislation Alert by e-mail', a brief e-mail alerting you to a new piece of tax legislation plus direct access to advice on how to comply with it

Last updated: 20.01.2021

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