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Maximising entrepreneurs’ relief Publication date: 18.04.2011
Article database » Capital gains tax » Allowances
Last year one of our subscribers gave shares in his company to his wife to save tax. Now she’s received on offer to sell and make a big gain; the trouble is her shares won’t qualify for entrepreneurs’ relief. Is there a way to rescue the situation?
How to make the best of capital losses Publication date: 17.02.2010
Article database » Capital gains tax » Allowances
The stock market recovered over the last half of 2009, but now it’s looking a little shaky again. So, you might be thinking that now is the time to dump some shares. But if this results in losses, how can you use them tax efficiently?
Not all fees reduce tax bills Publication date: 05.07.2007
Article database » Capital gains tax » Allowances
Not all fees reduce tax bills.. Scenario. In order to complete their 2006/7 tax return, one of our subscribers has incurred substantial costs (tax advisors’ fees and valuations for the property at key points in time) in trying to minimise the taxable profit on the sale of one of their properties. They had lived in the house at various points in time...

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