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New procedure for start-up companies Publication date: 12.11.2012
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New procedure for start-up companies.. Dormant company. When you form a company it might be a while before you actually start to trade. During this time it will usually count as dormant for both company law and tax purposes. While in most cases annual accounts will need to be prepared for Companies House, the Taxman is happy for you not to submit these...
Are Companies House fines and fees tax deductible? Publication date: 14.05.2012
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One of our subscribers was unlucky enough to be hit with a Companies House penalty for sending in accounts late. His question for us was - do the fine and other fees qualify for a Corporation Tax deduction?
What’s the deal with dormant companies? Publication date: 16.09.2010
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Where you own a company which is not much more than a shell, the Taxman won’t insist on Corporation Tax returns. That’s good news, but if you simply stop submitting forms, you’ll still be hit with a penalty. So what can you do to avoid this?

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