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How to use the stock market fall to your (tax) advantage Publication date: 16.04.2020
Article database » Gifts » Capital gains tax
In March 2020 stock markets around the world crashed in response to coronavirus. Whilst most investors will understandably view this as bad news, it has created some tax planning opportunities. How can you take advantage?
Transferring the family business - a tax trap Publication date: 15.05.2018
Article database » Capital gains tax » Holdover
A few years ago you transferred shares in your company to your children and deferred the capital gain. One of them is now moving abroad. Your accountant warns you this might trigger a tax bill. Why, and can it be avoided?
Four ways to avoid or defer your CGT bill Publication date: 28.06.2011
Article database » Capital gains tax » Holdover
As part of your Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning you want to give away assets to younger members of your family, but you’ll be liable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) as if you had sold the assets at their full value. What are the ways around this?
When is a sale final for Capital Gains Tax? Publication date: 23.04.2009
Article database » Capital gains tax » Case law
A recent case has confirmed an earlier ruling that although a contract for sale of property has been signed, it doesn’t stop the original owner transferring the property to someone else in the meantime. Does it open the door for last-minute tax planning?

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