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Protecting your income the tax-free way Publication date: 05.03.2013
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Protecting your income with insurance can be expensive. You could get your company to pay, but this triggers a tax bill either on the cost of the premium or instead when the policy pays out. Can you legitimately avoid both these situations?
Latest on fee insurance Publication date: 21.06.2007
Article database » Enquiries/investigations » Investigations
Latest on fee insurance.. Got it covered. Whatever the enquiry from the Taxman, it is time consuming and results in a bill from your advisor as they deal with the questions on your behalf. Insurance to cover the fees incurred in a tax enquiry will not usually cover any tax, interest or penalties due but could still mean a large proportion of the cost...
Fee protection scare Publication date: 06.07.2006
Article database » Income tax » Miscellaneous
Insurance to cover the cost of your advisor’s fees during an investigation seems sensible. However, there’s a new catch with some policies. What is it?

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