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New tax and NI bands - how much better off will you be? Publication date: 13.11.2018
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The Chancellor announced a substantial hike in the thresholds for basic rate tax and NI. At first sight these look generous, but looks can be deceiving. How much better off might you be from April 2019?
Setting your salary for the new tax year Publication date: 21.12.2012
Article database » National Insurance » Bands
In December the Chancellor confirmed changes to the personal tax and NI limits for 2013/14. In view of this at what level should you set your salary (and dividends) for maximum tax efficiency?
Are your employees paying too much NI? Publication date: 22.07.2011
Article database » National Insurance » Bands
Making irregular payments to your employees, such as bonuses, might result in some of these earnings escaping NI. Can this loophole be used to increase your workers’ take-home pay?
The upper accrual point Publication date: 12.03.2009
Article database » National Insurance » Bands
Few employers seem to be aware that an entirely new NI band will be introduced in April 2009. What will this mean for you and your employees?
What’s up Darling? Publication date: 08.11.2007
Article database » Income tax » Personal allowance
A couple of days after the 2007 Pre-Budget report, the Treasury quietly published what your tax allowances and NI bands will be for 2008/9. What’s it worth?

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