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Remuneration planning for subsidiaries Publication date: 26.06.2019
Article database » Profit extraction » Benefits-in-kind
You’re planning the remuneration package for the directors of two new subsidiaries of your company. What should you be considering to maximise tax and NI efficiency?
Termination pay changes confirmed Publication date: 22.05.2019
Article database » Employees » Termination
Termination pay changes confirmed..Legislation. The long-awaited changes to the NI rules relating to employee termination payments have at last been written into draft legislation which will become law later in 2019. However, they won’t take effect until 6 April 2020. Summary. The new rules require employers to pay Class 1A NI contributions (at 13.8%)...
Tax-efficient rewards for multiple directorships Publication date: 04.03.2019
Article database » National Insurance » Benefits
As an alternative to salary or dividends, benefits in kind are a potentially tax-efficient option for directors, especially those of multiple companies. What’s the advantage and when can you use it?
How to avoid NI payment problems Publication date: 04.07.2017
Article database » National Insurance » Class 1A
How to avoid NI payment problems..NI of benefits. Class 1A NI payable on employee benefits for 2016/17 should have been reported on Form P11D(b) by 6 July 2017. However, payment isn’t due until 19 July, or if paying electronically 22 July, and HMRC is reminding employers of two points to watch for. Pay day. The first is a minor issue concerning timing...

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