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Don’t forget the Form 42 deadline! Publication date: 21.06.2013
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You formed a company a year ago and duly gave HMRC the information it asked for. A colleague now tells you that you have until July 6 to submit details of the shares issued by your company or face a fine. What’s he referring to?
No escape for companies from iXBRL deadline Publication date: 17.02.2011
Article database » Accounts » Miscellaneous
Half of the accountants in the UK want the deadline for iXBRL accounting to be deferred; so do some software companies which aren’t fully prepared for it. The government insists that all companies must comply on April 1. Are you ready?
Joint filing for government departments Publication date: 11.11.2009
Article database » Returns » Deadlines
Joint filing for government departments.. Recently announced. HMRC and Companies House (CH) have issued a statement that they intend to join forces and produce a common system for companies to file their accounts online. That sounds like a time and resource-saving idea, but is there more to it? Different deadlines. Currently, companies (except plcs)...
Who checks your company’s return? Publication date: 09.10.2008
Article database » Corporation tax » Annual return
Even companies have to complete a tax return. When it comes to your turn to sign off this formal document, what should you double-check to ensure everything goes smoothly?
Get your company’s address right Publication date: 09.10.2008
Article database » Returns » Errors
Get your company’s address right.. Coded error. One of our subscribers decided to file their company’s tax return (CT600) electronically this year. They went through all the normal hoops of registering etc. to be able to submit it online. However, it was rejected. The error message merely said “Code 3001” . Which means? Well, one of our contacts...
Don’t be helpful Publication date: 09.10.2008
Article database » Returns » Entries
One of the Taxman’s top reasons for opening an enquiry into a company’s tax return is an overdrawn director’s loan account. Would adding additional information to the return prevent an investigation?
De minimis for Corporation Tax? Publication date: 28.09.2006
Article database » Returns » Company
De minimis for Corporation Tax?.. The problem. Following the abolition on April 1, 2006 of the nil-rate starting band for Corporation Tax (CT), tax experts have expressed concern that many small clubs and societies would have to pay such tax on very small amounts of income. News. The Taxman has now issued guidance on this (
Read before you sign Publication date: 11.05.2006
Article database » Returns » Miscellaneous
It’s time to sign your company’s Corporation Tax return for submission to the Taxman. Unfortunately, you could end up paying a penalty if his computer rejects it. So what simple steps can you take to avoid this?

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