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Accessing capital growth tax efficiently Publication date: 05.09.2019
Article database » Shares » Buy-backs
Your company is well enough established that you can consider withdrawing some of the accumulated capital. What are your options for doing this and which is the most tax efficient?
Can you get your share capital back tax free? Publication date: 16.09.2014
Article database » Shares » Capital gains tax
You and your fellow shareholders started a company with £50,000 of share capital each. Now the business is established and doesn’t need your money can you take some of it back without triggering a massive tax bill?
New tax traps when selling your company Publication date: 10.12.2013
Article database » Capital gains tax » Shares
You sold your company a year ago, but a warranty clause in the contract means you have to repay some of the sale proceeds to the buyer. How will this affect the capital gains tax (CGT) you paid on the deal?
Another winding up concession goes Publication date: 28.11.2011
Article database » Companies » Miscellaneous
The Taxman’s concession for companies closing down is to go, probably in April 2012. However, the Treasury Solicitor has just scrapped his equivalent concession with immediate effect. Could this mean higher tax bills for shareholders?
Playing the market Publication date: 06.11.2008
Article database » Capital gains tax » Shares
The economic slowdown has provoked a rash of share movements. However, if you are tempted to take advantage of a falling market, there is a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) trap for the unwary. How can you avoid it?
An employee in ER Publication date: 03.07.2008
Article database » Capital gains tax » Entrepreneurs' Relief
The new entrepreneurs’ relief can apply when you sell shares in your own company after April 5 2008. However, there is a trap concerning employees that could disqualify you. What is it and how can you avoid it?
A good bedtime story Publication date: 13.03.2008
Article database » Capital gains tax » Exemption
If you own shares you might not qualify for relief from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) come April 6 2008. However, there is something you can do…
The meaning of LIFO Publication date: 16.03.2006
Article database » Capital gains tax » Shares
You have a shareholding which you acquired in more than one chunk. However, you’ve now decided to sell part of it. Here’s a way to minimise any Capital Gains Tax on this part-disposal.

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