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Key date for employers Publication date: 25.06.2018
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Key date for employers..6 July deadline. 6 July is a key date in the tax calendar. For most employers it sticks in their head as the date by which they must have submitted employee benefits and expenses returns FormsP11D and P11D(b) . But it’s also the deadline for the annual employment-related securities (ERS) return, and obtaining HMRC approval...
Making shares a tax-efficient reward for employees Publication date: 02.09.2016
Article database » Employees » Miscellaneous
There are various types of employee share scheme which offer tax advantages. Among these, company share ownership plans (CSOP) are sometimes overlooked. What advantages do they have over some of the other schemes?
HMRC loses share scheme returns Publication date: 05.11.2015
Article database » Shares » Employer share schemes
HMRC loses share scheme returns..HMRC IT trouble. Yet another technical problem with HMRC’s computer means that if your company submitted an employee share scheme return for 2014/15 you may have to send it again. Letters from the Taxman. HMRC will be writing to the companies affected by its IT failure asking them to resubmit their share scheme returns....
Do you understand your employee share scheme? Publication date: 07.10.2015
Article database » Shares » Employer share schemes
An employer’s misunderstanding of its staff share scheme nearly cost a former employee a fortune in extra tax. In the end the employee avoided the extra tax, but the employer might not be so lucky. What lessons can be learned?

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