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New interactive VAT appeal form Publication date: 26.05.2015
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New interactive VAT appeal form..Surcharges. Where a business submits more than one VAT form late, HMRC can fine (surcharge) it. The surcharge starts at 5%, but where there are further late returns it can increase to 15% of the VAT due. If there’s a good reason for the lateness, e.g. IT problems, an appeal can be made (see The next step ). New form....
Over half of VAT fines wrong Publication date: 17.02.2011
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Over half of VAT fines wrong.. Official error. A major UK accountancy firm, UHY Hacker Young, recently got its hands on some interesting statistics from the Taxman. During the 18 months to October 2010 the VAT Internal Review team considered nearly 29,000 appeals against penalties they had issued for incorrect returns and late payments. In around 16,300...
Paying VAT security demands Publication date: 18.12.2008
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If your business goes under owing VAT and you want to start up a new venture, the Taxman may demand a security deposit before he will let you trade. But is he right to do so?
The Ministry of Justice Publication date: 20.12.2007
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Resolving disputes with the VATman can be time consuming. One of the ways to focus his mind has been to lodge an appeal before a tribunal. However, things are about to change. What do you need to know?

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