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Going to tribunal - how to challenge HMRC Publication date: 26.06.2017
Article database » HMRC » Appeals against
You’ve reached deadlock in your dispute with HMRC and have decided to take your argument to the First-tier Tribunal. What steps are required and what can you expect from the process?
HMRC’s new take on penalties Publication date: 23.06.2015
Article database » Enquiries/investigations » Penalties
HMRC has confirmed its new approach to appeals made against tax return late filing penalties. How will this affect you if you miss a deadline?
Challenge the Taxman - if you can afford the wait Publication date: 23.12.2014
Article database » HMRC » Appeals against
HMRC’s tax enquiries have become increasingly aggressive. This has led to a huge backlog of tax appeals waiting to be heard. In view of this, what alternative steps can you take to resolve a quarrel with an awkward inspector?

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