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Will HMRC write off your tax bill? Publication date: 07.01.2020
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You’ve received a tax demand for £35 out of the blue. You don’t know how you’ve come to owe tax as PAYE applies to all your income. It seems a waste of your effort checking the figures for a relatively small amount. Should you just pay up?
Reducing your self-assessment payments on account Publication date: 12.12.2019
Article database » Payments » Income tax
The first instalment of your self-assessment tax bill is due on 31 January 2020. In what circumstances can you reduce it and how can transactions you’ve made in the current year help?
Missing 2018/19 demands Publication date: 26.06.2019
Article database » Payments » Income tax
Missing 2018/19 demands..Payments on account. If your self-assessment (SA) tax bill for a year is for £1,000 or more and you paid 80% or less of your total income tax liability at source, e.g. through PAYE, you’re required to make payments on account (POAs) to HMRC towards your next tax bill. However, due to a problem with HMRC’s computer you might...
Next tax deadline approaching Publication date: 15.02.2018
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Next tax deadline approaching..Another deadline. Whether you were you one of the three million or more (according to HMRC statistics) that submitted your 2016/17 tax return in the last week before the 31 January deadline, or an early bird that did the job last April, the self-assessment task might not be finished yet. If you owe HMRC money for 2016/17...

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