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No more (paper) tax returns! Publication date: 02.04.2020
Article database » Returns » Paper
No more (paper) tax returns!..Paper forms. HMRC recently announced that anyone required to complete a self-assessment return will no longer automatically be sent a paper form. Many people have already told HMRC they don’t want to receive a paper tax return. They receive an electronic request to complete a self-assessment return via their personal...
Tax return deadlines Publication date: 16.10.2019
Article database » Returns » Deadlines
The first deadline for submitting your self-assessment tax return on paper for 2018/19 is just two weeks away. If you’re not going to be on time what can you do to prevent being fined?
Is your tax return valid? Publication date: 29.05.2018
Article database » Returns » Personal
The First-tier Tribunal recently considered whether a tax return submitted voluntarily gave HMRC its usual rights to investigate the figures. Where do you stand if HMRC asks questions about a return you sent voluntarily?
Self-assessment scaled down Publication date: 13.10.2017
Article database » Self assessment » Procedure
“Simple assessment” has arrived and with it HMRC’s plan to cut the number of tax returns it issues. How might this affect you?
Closing a company - do you need to file a return? Publication date: 04.07.2017
Article database » Corporation tax » Annual return
A company you set up didn’t work out and you now want to shut it down. The trouble is up-to-date accounts haven’t been prepared. Will HMRC insist you submit the accounts and tax return even though there’s no profit to report?
Trouble with HMRC’s tax calculations Publication date: 28.04.2017
Article database » Income tax » Assessments
Trouble with HMRC’s tax calculations..Tax returns. If you’re an early bird and intend filing your self-assessment tax return for 2016/17 sooner rather than later, you might run into some trouble. According to HMRC, its tax calculation software contains a programming bug which affects return forms submitted online using its own or third party software....
HMRC’s new powers to demand tax Publication date: 22.01.2016
Article database » Income tax » Assessments
New rules are being introduced to allow HMRC to issue enforceable tax assessments. When will these take effect and in what situations will they be used?
Class 2 NI payers forced into self-assessment Publication date: 16.11.2015
Article database » National Insurance » Self-employment
Class 2 NI payers forced into self-assessment..Automatic registration. HMRC can automatically register a taxpayer for self-assessment if it receives information that indicates they should complete a tax return. In practice, however, the onus is on you to notify it when you need to complete a form. But the goalposts have been shifted slightly. Self-employed....
2014/15 tax checks have started Publication date: 09.07.2015
Article database » PAYE » Payment of via deductions
HMRC has started checking to make sure those who pay tax through PAYE have paid enough for 2014/15. That’s good news if you’re due a refund, but where do you stand if you owe the Taxman?
Mortgages - proving your income Publication date: 26.05.2015
Article database » Self assessment » Procedure
Mortgages - proving your income..Proof of income. Anyone who has a mortgage will know that lenders require proof of income before they approve a loan. If you can’t quickly put your hands on the required documents it can lead to delays. Documents. Directors and employees must usually provide a P60 for the last tax year, but if all or part of your income...

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