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HMRC says complete your tax return on a bus! Publication date: 22.12.2017
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HMRC says complete your tax return on a bus!..Deadline. We’re sure you’re aware that the normal deadline for submitting your tax return for 2016/17 is 31 January 2018. It’s also the deadline for correcting your 2015/16 return. If you haven’t submitted your return yet, our advice is the same as that given by HMRC in its recent press release,...
Did you miss the 5 October deadline? Publication date: 13.10.2017
Article database » Penalties » Careless or deliberate
You’ve heard from a reliable source that if you owe tax for 2016/17, but haven’t already told HMRC about it, you’ll be fined. Is this correct, and if so, are you too late to avoid a penalty?
Paying for employees’ mistakes Publication date: 16.05.2017
Article database » Penalties » Careless or deliberate
There can be times when the Taxman holds you responsible for mistakes your employees make. An important case at the First-tier Tribunal recently considered the consequences of just this point. So how can you protect yourself?

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