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Claiming CIS credits Publication date: 05.03.2018
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Claiming CIS credits..Claiming credits. In February 2018 HMRC reminded businesses that if they are owed construction industry scheme credits (CIS) for 2016/17 or earlier years, these won’t automatically be set against PAYE liabilities for 2017/18. Instead, they will have to make a claim and specify what they want done with it. Other liabilities. You...
HMRC scraps CIS phone verification Publication date: 02.03.2017
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HMRC scraps CIS phone verification..CIS changes. In late 2015 HMRC carried out a consultation on ways to improve the Construction Industry Scheme and made some recommendations. One of the important ones was to make verification of subcontractors mandatory. While HMRC has always said that contractors should check with it regarding the tax status of subcontractors...

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