Article Database - Tips & Advice Tax: Year 19, issue 14

High profile case raises questions about IR35 Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » Employees » Employment status
With just a year before a sea change in the IR35 rules is due to take effect, the tribunal’s latest judgment highlights the difficulties that businesses will have in deciding whether it applies. What’s the full story?
Limitless pension contributions Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » Pensions » Allowances
While getting your business off the ground you neglected your pension savings. You want to make up for it now but your advisor tells you that the annual contribution limits will prevent this. Is there a way around them?
New payslip regulations Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » PAYE » Payslips
New payslip regulations..Payslips for workers. New rules for payslips took effect on 6 April 2019. There are two main changes. As well as employees you must provide payslips to individuals classed as “workers” for the purposes of employment law (see The next step ), even though they bill you for their services as self-employed individuals. Pay adjustments....
Now’s the time to turn back the clock on taxable perks Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » Benefits » Benefits-in-kind
In 2018/19 your company provided you with benefits in kind. As it stands you’ll be taxed on them and your company will have to pay Class 1A NI. There’s still time to prevent these charges. How’s it done and is it worth it?
Updated guidance about scams Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » HMRC » Scam communications
Updated guidance about scams..More scams. You might have read or heard in the media that the number of fake phone calls and e-mails purporting to be from HMRC has risen sharply in recent weeks. One of the latest scams involves a caller claiming that HMRC has started proceedings against you for tax fraud or evasion and from there offering you the services...
Two jobs - redundancy pay for one only Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » Employees » Termination
An employee has two roles under two separate contracts with the same employer. He’s being made redundant from one job (the other is continuing). Should his employer apply the usual exemption to the redundancy pay?
EIS timing trap for companies Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » Investments and savings » Enterprise investment scheme
The enterprise investment scheme (EIS) is a great way to encourage investment in your company, but there are conditions. One involves funding received while the company is relatively young. How can you extend this period?
MTD - how late can you leave it? Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » VAT » Making tax digital
HMRC has updated its guidance about when you must start the Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) registration process to ensure that you aren’t late. How long have you got?
The trouble with mixed supplies Publication date: 17.04.2019
Article database » VAT » Output tax
Determining how much VAT to charge on a mixed supply can be tricky and is made more difficult by HMRC’s aggressive stance. What steps can you take to stay within the rules?

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