Article Database - Tips & Advice Tax: Year 19, issue 20

New rules for employment allowance Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » National Insurance » Employment allowance
The government has published draft legislation for the new restrictions which will apply to the NI employment allowance (EA) from April 2020. Will your business be affected, and if so, how?
HMRC’s plan to accelerate capital gains tax Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Capital gains tax » Reporting to HMRC
Major changes to the tax regime for gains made from the sale of residential property will take effect from April 2020. They will affect how and when you’re required to report and pay capital gains tax. What’s the full story?
Accurate bookkeeping saves tax! Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Expenses » Repairs/renewals
Correctly recording transactions in your business records is always important but especially so for expenditure on buildings and equipment. How can accurate bookkeeping save you tax?
Need a quick dividend - how can it be done legitimately? Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Dividends » Illegal dividends
You’re one of three directors of a company which usually pays dividends once a year but one of the directors needs the money urgently. The trouble is that two of the directors are out of the UK, so how can a dividend legally be paid?
When can you be taxed for parking at work? Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Benefits » Benefits-in-kind
Your business has relocated to premises with fewer parking spaces. You’ve rented extras in a private car park a fair walk from the office. This can count as a taxable perk for employees who use them but when does this rule apply?
Husband and wife companies - tax on dividends Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Husband and wife companies » Dividends
You’re about to form a new company of which you’ll be the main income generator. To save tax your spouse will own shares in the company. Should you subscribe for shares and give some to them, or should you both subscribe?
Reclaiming VAT on purchases made abroad Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » VAT » EU sales and purchases
Whilst on holiday you find just the thing for your office you’ve been looking for and decide to buy it. As it’s a purchase for your business can you reclaim the foreign VAT you pay?
The latest HMRC toolkits Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » HMRC » Guidance
The latest HMRC toolkits..Tax return errors. HMRC has updated its tax toolkits for “Business profits” and “Capital v Revenue expenditure” for 2018/19 (see The next step ). It publishes around 20 toolkits covering a wide range of tax topics from trusts to VAT claims. General access. HMRC says the toolkits, which focus on issues that it has identified...
workplace pension re-enrolment Publication date: 08.07.2019
Article database » Pensions » Auto enrolment
workplace pension re-enrolment..Three-year cycle. HMRC and The Pensions Regulator (TPR) are reminding employers they must carry out pension auto-enrolment for their staff every three years. This involves re-assessing staff who opted out of your workplace pension and including them if they are eligible (although they have the right to opt out again)....

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