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August 2019

How to make your staff suggestion scheme tax efficient

HMRC allows you to make tax and NI-free payments to employees who come up with ideas to help your business. It’s a win-win for you and your workers, but what steps are needed before you can take advantage of this tax break?


A tax break for investing your pension in commercial property

If you and your fellow directors are looking for a home for your pension savings, look no further than your firm’s business premises. When can you turn a commercial building into a tax-efficient investment?


Conversion or new building - dodging the standard-rate trap

If you’re in the building trade not only do you have to contend with HMRC’s construction industry scheme (CIS) but sometimes you need to be a VAT expert too. When can you zero-rate your services for a building project?


Get by with a little (tax-efficient) help from your friends

Your company is establishing itself meaning that you are working very long hours. As the business can’t afford to pay for more workers, to relieve some of the burden can you pay your spouse out of your income and claim a corresponding tax deduction?


Using company cash to buy your home

Your company has accumulated cash and profits to match. You could draw the money as salary or a dividend but that will trigger a large tax bill. Instead, can your company buy your home as an investment, and if so what are the main tax consequences?


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