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Simple to use calculators that show how to save tax in a wide range of situations - everything from company cars to investment properties is covered.

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  • Date of publication: 11.06.2020 UPDATED

    Capital gains tax calculator

    Capital gains tax calculator This calculator has three separate capital gains tax tools; one for sales of land or buildings one for the sale of chattels and other for share sales.How to use the calculatorThe land and buildings tool handles the complex rules for the calculation of a gain where the property qualified for private residence relief (PRR) at any point during the period of ownership including periods of absence (for work or other reasons) and where the property was let. It includes a full report of the calculation showing how the gain and PRR is arrived at. The chattels tool works out the gain from the sale of assets such as antiques, automatically taking account of the special tax relief where it applies. The shares sales tool is a simple ready reckoner which calculates a gain for a single share sale.   

  • Date of publication: 03.04.2020

    Rental business record keeper

    Rental business record keeperHMRC requires owners of rental businesses to keep good records of income and outgoings. Accurate and detailed records not only prevent trouble with HMRC but ensure maximum tax efficiency.How this tool can be usedThe Rental Business Record Keeper provides a simple and quick way to enter details of income and expenses for a rental business. It automatically calculates the wear and tear deduction available where the property is let furnished and provides an annual statement for tax records.  It will also produce an estimate of the tax payable on the rental at any point in the year and aids budgeting for payments to HMRC. 

  • Date of publication: 22.11.2019

    Company car tax calculator

    Company car tax calculatorThis calculator has two separate functions; one is a simple and quick way to work out the taxable benefit in kind for any company car and the other is a means to calculate the full tax and NI consequences for the business in providing the car.How to use the calculatorCalculations of the cost and tax position can be made on an actual or projected basis. To keep the process simple the Company Car Tax Calculator uses the AA’s figures for running and other costs, or you can choose to override these with your own data. Clicking the results button will show you a full calculation and comparison of the positions for a company (or unincorporated business) or personal car purchase. 

  • Date of publication: 19.05.2017

    Profit extraction calculator

    Profit extraction calculatorWhile profits of a company remain undrawn, they are sheltered from income tax. Getting them into the hands of director shareholders can be achieved in a number of ways, e.g. salary, dividends and benefits. Each method results in different tax and NI liabilities for the company and director shareholders. Only by looking at their combined position can you plan the most tax-efficient way of getting money out of a company.How to use the calculatorOur calculator works out the tax and NI consequences of withdrawing profit for the company as a director shareholder. You can choose a combination of methods to suit the director shareholder’s circumstances and make calculations based on pre-tax and NI amounts or work backwards from a net sum. 

  • Date of publication: 17.05.2017

    Income splitting calculator

    Income splitting calculatorThis calculator works out the tax saving that business owners can make by sharing income with their spouse. The calculations can be made for different scenarios, for example, where a salary is paid or dividends declared.Added dimensionThe Income Splitting Calculator allows "what if" scenarios for unincorporated businesses, i.e. sole traders and partnerships, as well as companies, so that the most tax-efficient arrangement can be found. 

  • Date of publication: 17.06.2016

    Employer-subsidised childcare calculator

    Employer-subsidised childcare calculatorThis calculator works out the value of the taxable amount of childcare payments or vouchers that employers must report on Form P11D. It also works out the value of the tax break to employees.How to use the calculatorA single click allows you to adjust the calculation to account for the special rules that apply to those who belonged to your childcare scheme before 6 April 2011. You can easily modify the calculations to cater for those who join the scheme part way through a tax year.  

  • Date of publication: 10.05.2016

    Inheritance tax calculator

    Inheritance tax calculatorInheritance tax (IHT) is payable on the value of your estate when you die where it exceeds the nil rate band. When planning to reduce your estate through gifts and other arrangements it’s helpful to know your and your spouse’s exposure to IHT. How to use the calculatorOur calculator works out the IHT liabilities for you and your spouse based on the current value of your estates. It takes account of the lower tax rate which can apply where you make gifts to charity. You can use estimated future values for your assets and liabilities to project your IHT position. 

  • Date of publication: 24.04.2015

    Maximum pension contribution calculator

    Maximum pension contribution calculatorTax relief for contributions paid into a money purchase pension scheme, e.g. a personal pension plan, is subject to a yearly maximum, known as the annual allowance. If you've received a payment from one of your pension funds since 6 April 2015 a lower limit, called the money purchase annual allowance, might apply. FlowchartOur interactive flowchart guides you through the complex rules regarding the annual allowance and money purchase annual allowance. It also provides information about HMRC’s pensions terminology at the click of a button. It takes you no more than a minute to find out definitively which tax relief limit applies. 

Last updated: 10.08.2020

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